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Yancey Williams’ latest novel, Rome & Joliet, opens with one Satchel Xavier Gilespie (that’s with one L) out traipsing around in the northeast Georgia woods with his new girlfriend. She’s nineteen years his junior. It’s hardly a nature walk. Hardly, either, some silly, introspective or transcendental commune with Mother Nature herself. And, it’s certainly not even another pig squealing happenstance with a bunch of good old boys from Dickey-land’s Deliverance. Oh, no. This is serious stuff.

Take a wild guess: What do you think Satchel and his girlfriend are doing in the woods? Five of you who respond will win a copy of Rome & Joliet plus a $25 gift card.

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reader comments

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  2. Paula Ball /

    are they looking for ginseng?

  3. Natalie Brown /


  4. Keke Fairfax /

    Looking for buried treasure?


    They are looking for a place to be private, for a loving session!

  6. MaryB /

    Maybe they are burying secret papers….

  7. Ingrid Jackson /

    They are looking for fresh wild fruit, probably blackberries, so she can make him a pie.

  8. Cynthia P /

    In the woods, I think Satchel & his girlfriend are looking for the perfect spot to build a tree-house cabin.

  9. Dani H /

    They’re delivering the ransom in exchange for Satchel’s new girlfriend’s purebred dog.

  10. Noura A /

    they are looking for some privacy

  11. Suzy Thompson /

    Burying a dead pet.

  12. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper /

    I think they are looking for their lost child.

  13. Jeanne /

    Looking for answers why someone very close to them has vanished!!

  14. Lynn Croxton /

    I think they’re searching for TRACES OF EITHER BIGFOOT OR A UFO LANDING.

  15. Saundra M /

    They are looking for weapons

  16. Deborah Martin /

    wanting to get away to think about things that have happened

  17. Jeffrey /

    I look forward to reading this book.

  18. Barbara Platt /

    searching for weapons

  19. Gloria Walshver /

    THey are strolling in THE woods for PRIVACY To talk about their love For each other

  20. MEgan H /

    Looking for some privacy

  21. Linda Kish /

    Looking for something smuggled into the country and hidden in the woods by someone.

  22. sheila ressel /


  23. Crystal Rogers Walker /

    To become one and to get closer

  24. Georgi /

    Well they want to be alone in the woods, tired of their own company, having fun with each other’s company there xD

  25. Denise Anderson /

    Hunting supernatural beings

  26. Janice Mouret /

    trying to uncover a stash of illegal weapons

  27. renee /

    going to have some alone time in the woods o be with each other!

  28. Pam Gurganus /

    I think Satchel and his girlfriend are in the woods digging up a dead body!

  29. Christine Waddell /

    Burying a body? looking for the easter bunny? making whoopie?

  30. Menucha /

    loos like something serious! are they looking for something? or hiding? I dunno

  31. Nicole dz /

    trying to find a hidden stash of money

  32. Meg A /

    Truffle hunting?!

  33. Thomas Murphy /

    They are looking for flowers to pick.

  34. Marie Constantineau /

    having a picnic

  35. cATIE /


  36. Karli Prime /

    looking for something

  37. kathy downey /

    they are searching for berries

  38. Wendy hutton /

    they are out in search of bigfoot

  39. Kelly O'M /

    They have received information on where to find precious gemstones. They are going to go see if they can find them, and then return to mine the area.

  40. alena svetelska /

    they want are looking for something

  41. Traci Newcomb /

    Maybe they are burying something important?

  42. Denise A. /

    I think they are looking for some alone time to be together

  43. Adnan A /

    They car broke down and looking for help

  44. Michelle K. /

    Searching for a missing person

  45. alona y /

    They are looking for her missing sister.

  46. Tamara N /

    I think that they are running from the law.

  47. Natalie /

    I think they are looking for an escaped fugitive on the run.

  48. Tom Bellamy /

    Planning on making love.

  49. Diane w /

    smooching would be my guess

  50. corrine /

    they want to make love

  51. Kathryn /

    fun stuff

  52. Wendy Arnott /

    looking for a stash of weapons. he is cia.

  53. Suzanne /

    Looking for clues about the death of his girlfriends mother

  54. Amanda /

    searching for love or a body lol

  55. Helga /

    They are looking for truth.

  56. Denise /

    Well let’s see… a new girlfriend, significant age difference, a secluded setting. If they’re not getting to know each other, in the biblical sense, then there’s a ton of misdirection going on here…

  57. J Lenni Dorner /

    I’ll guess that she is blackmailing him. He’s taking her out to the woods to find that which she has against him (because she hid it out there).

  58. Holly Wright /

    Making love?

  59. Melissa Dealmeida /

    I think they are looking for their lost child!

  60. Ashley K. /

    Picking Daisies?

  61. Jen Haile /

    They are going to some pagan rite!

  62. Debbie Petch /

    They witnessed a murder?

  63. Jody D /

    I think they are looking for clues to solve an international mystery

  64. Karen /

    Looking for clues to a crime

  65. kelly Nicholson /

    they are playing doctor..

  66. Sally T. /

    Looking for their Lost Dog~

  67. Tami Lewis /

    Having a picnic?

  68. Monica Young /

    Hmm, what are they doing in the woods? If I had to guess they are on an adventure :)

  69. Staci L /

    I think they are hiding a body.

  70. Angela R Higdon /

    Looking for a body

  71. JoAnn Burhoop /

    I think they are searching for something very important in a dark and DANGEROUS forest

  72. Gail Rosenstrom /

    They are playing hide and seek

  73. Shannon /

    Looking for things for a spell (roots and such).

  74. Wendy Pence /

    Maybe they are looking for buried treasure?

  75. nidia /

    Finding there way. I never got my hands on a romeo & juliet book, nor the movie, I look forward to do so soon.

  76. mell /

    are they finding a quiet place to be alone?

  77. Kimberley Thomas /

    Clues to a mystery

  78. Heide /

    I think they’re taking a simple walk in the woods.

  79. Dorothy BOucher /

    maybe they feel that they love each other enough to give themselves to one another and being out in the woods with mother nature , has that feeling of pureness with happiness and opening up to one another in there eyes is simply beautiful…

  80. Michelle B /

    I thik they must be conspiring about something. Maybe their elopement? Or how to outwit their parents about something?? Looking forward to finding out! thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Victoria K /

    Looking for Easter eggs

  82. nancy munson /

    they are trying to hide a body

  83. Molly Hearn /

    being naughty.. lol

  84. Melissa nEECE /


  85. Laura Harris /

    I honestly don’t know why they are walking in the woods..need to read to find out!

  86. Kristen C /

    This sounds so interesting. I need a new read over my summer break!

  87. Donice /

    I think they are looking for a body.

  88. nancy munson /

    I think they are looking for a body

  89. sandra /

    making out

  90. Lesa /

    They are looking for someone who is a missing person or hiding from someon trying to harm them.

  91. khd /

    I think they’re in the woods just looking for some privacy so they can make-out.

  92. Priscilla S. /

    Looking for someone who is missing?

  93. Rod Jackson /

    I think they are picking mushrooms

  94. Anne Marie Carter /

    I think that they are “having a romantic moment.”

  95. Amanda Price /

    Looking for a stash of weapons

  96. AMANDA Gray /

    BURYING A body

  97. Laura Thomas /

    He’s taken her to the woods to kill her :D DD

  98. Sharon Williams /


  99. meryem /

    They are may be looking for a place to Pow chiki bam bam :p

  100. Amanda Sakovitz /

    I think they are dancing

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